Spring 2013 results

Dear colleagues!


Today our association officially closed Spring 2013 semester.

We had an awesome pizza social organized by Iman, with lots of food, deserts, drinks and cheerful chats.

Also we had a mini-meeting where we elected Frederick as our new GSS representative.


I guess it is an appropriate moment to review this semester: what was planned and what was done.

  1. First we have a whole bunch of new people on our executive committee: Iman Sarrafi is our treasurer, Jianqiao Li is our secretary and Frederick is our GSS representative.
  2. We successfully fulfilled ALL our financial motions:

-          We purchased not 4, but 6 Xbox gamepads (with significant discount)

-          We bought a foosball for our game room: now it feels complete [mancave ;] with ping pong, Xbox and foosball.

-          We hold several events that promote networking among graduate students: meeting with pizza, paintball event, and pizza-event.


Life goes on and quite soon we will have another event with free food, which would be called “First CS GSA Meeting of the Summer”, where once again we will decide how to spend our budget, which I expect would be around $900.

Already we can start compiling a tentative agenda, currently among all proposals we have:

-          Summer BBQ

-          Purchase of Electronic Piano

-          and the most important: a research-oriented event “Common tell us about your research!”


P.S. If you have Facebook friends who are SFU CS grad students, but not in our Facebook group – please invite them.