Upcoming departmental colloquium “Common! Tell us about your research!”

Dear fellow researchers,


This is an official call for participants in our upcoming departmental colloquium “Common! Tell us about your research!”


Prelude: during our tea socials many of you approached me with concerns that we never have any events where we can talk about our research.

And now we have a great news for you all: we secured a $750 from the GSS to organize a professional development event.


CS GSA is organizing a departmental colloquium called “Common! Tell us about your research!”, where graduate students will tell about their research and receive payment for doing so.


Here are details:

  1. We are looking for speakers. If you are interested in making a 15 minute talk about your research for the $35 you definitely should write me a mail to the (evinnik<at>sfu.ca).
  2. Currently we are planning to have a two day event lasting 1.5 hours (6 speakers per session, 12 in total).
  3. Once list of speakers will be formed by the jury we will book the room and make a public announcement on date and place.
  4. All talks will be recorded and posted on YouTube channel. You should be agree to this condition.

While forming a list of speakers we will try to put the emphasis on the variety of research labs and the research directions presented.


With the current funding we are planning to have a two day event, however currently we are negotiating for additional funding from the School of Computing Science to add one extra day.


If you have any questions regarding the event organization – send me a letter (evinnik<at>sfu.ca).