CS GSA July News

Hi everyone,
1. As you all know CS GSA on June 19, 20 and July 3 held a colloquium, where our fellow graduate students gave talks about their research.
Everything went very smooth, and we had more than 100 people in attendance (3 days combined). We ate pile of pizza, drank lots of pop and had a very smart discussion about science and stuff.
Each talk was recorded and posted on YouTube. I've compiled a playlist of videos and you can check it out by the following link
Note that there is no audio on the first day speakers' videos due to technical glitch.
I hope that both speakers and attendees liked this type of colloquium and get to know about each other's research more.
2. Our CS GSA need new executive members to keep things going in the new semester and beyound.
Particularly we need:
1. CS GSA president. I will be stepping down on July 26th. I'll be on internship and won't be around.
2. Treasuser. Our current treasurer Iman Sarrafi graduated recently.
3. Secretary. Jianqiao Li graduated.
4. GSS Representative. Frederick will be away as well.
Basically, the only member who stays is Mengliu Zhao. She is our vice president.
So if you want to become an executive member - drop me a message and we'll figure out how to proceed from now.
I also should remind that without executive members our CS GSA won't be able to function normally, and we would have to pull the plug on such things as tea socials and equipment purchases.
P.S. and yes we are holding a BBQ event sometime soon, so I hope that everyone could join.
Evgeny Vinnik
CS GSA President