CS GSA Game Night

Hey everyone,

Your "Computer Science Graduate Students Association" will be holding it's first event for the fall semester this Thursday September 19th.

For this first hang out we decided to organize a game night were we could all get together and get to know each other. What would be better than a FIFA party among lab mates, or a poker game or any other game you can think of ... yes we are full of resources! (Chess, Cards, Uno, Risk,ping pong ...)


So book your Thursday night after class/work and be there starting 5pm on TASC1 9204 to meet all the members of your CS GSA community

So to make it short:

    WHERE: TASC1 9204 and Game Room
    WHEN: Thursday September 19th, 5pm to 8pm
    WHAT: REFRESHMENTs ... and other stuff!

Hope to see you there!

CS GSA executive member