GSS Meeting - Feb 22

Hello CS grads!

The February council meeting was mostly administrative in nature. Of note was the decision to support the initiatives being undertaken by SFU Vancouver graduate students to support the food vendors currently operating in the Harbour Centre food court. Current vendors are facing significant challenges, including eviction, as the management company (Polaris) pushes forward with plans to renovate the food court.

More details in attached document.


Download this file (February 2013 Council Update .pdf)February 2013 Council Update .pdf[Council Update Report]132 Kb

It's official. The results of the CS GSA meeting on January 18th

On January 18th our association had our first meeting of the semester.

The full meeting minutes are available.

Here is the key decisions:

1. We have new treasurer - Iman Sarrafi and new secretary Jianqiao Li

2. We had a budget of about 2200 and this is how we decided to spend it:

 - Reimburse Evgeny for organizing the meeting (around $170)

 - Purchase 4 new gamepads for XBox 360 (max $200)

 - Hold a paintball event sometime in the spring (approximate budget is $400)

 - Purchase a ping-pong table for the Surrey campus (budget is $560), however they have to secure a place first.

 - Hold 3 tea socials with budget $70 each (for a total of $210)


 - AND!! Purchase a fussball table! Already did! We had a budget of $700 for this.

Evgeny bought new fussball table for $530 + tax + $30 dollars for gas (he had to deliver it from Langley)


GSS Council Update - January

Hello CS Grads,

At the January council meeting we discussed mostly internal administrative issues. The only important discussion was about how to correct the current deficit budget. Some proposals brought forward by our newly elected Financial Coordinator, Pierre Vachichin, include reducing/eliminating the contribution to capital levy and instead use the money we collect for operating funds. Other important things to note were:

  • The UPass referendum question will be up for vote soon. It basically asks whether the students are in favour of renewing the UPass program from May 2013 with an increased fee of $35 per month. Please note that there is no option to continue at the present free of $30 per month.
  • The Annual General Meeting is going to be held on Feb 26th ( Free food! )
  • Workshop for Research Assistants - Feb. 7, 2013, 12:30pm - 2 pm, GSS Boardroom

More details are available on the GSS website as well as the PDF attached.

Download this file (January 2013 Council Update FINAL.pdf)January 2013 Council Update FINAL.pdf[ ]142 Kb

CS GSA first meeting of the Spring 2013 semester! Friday 18th (YES, this message contains info about free food)

Once again we are at the start of new semester, which means that I have to organize yet another CS GSA meeting, so we can spend our budget on ourselves.
CS GSA Meeting would be held on:
January 18th
at TASC1 9204 east
from 16:00-17:00
Tentative schedule of the meeting:
1. We need to find volunteers for the following positions:
  • Treasurer: person who is accepting receipts from students (for expences approved during the meeting) and submit them to GSS in order for students to get reimbursed (possible candidate: Iman Sarrafi)
  • Secretary: person who is taking notes and record attendance during the meeting, compiles and submit the minutes to the GSS. This position only requires to attend all the meetings
2. We would need to approve my spending for the food that would be served during the meeting, and expences of Amir Aavani (he went over the limit of $125 while organizing last Game Night event)
We are also waiting for your input regarding the activities that you want to organize this semester.
We will be serving the following food:
1. pizza
2. sandwiches
3. drinks
Our colleague Snehasish Kumar asked to include the following message:
  • Paintball Event : Due to scheduling problems last semester, we were unable to host the CSGSA Paintball Event. We are planning to host it this semester with the following guidelines:
  • If you want to register for the Paintball event, you MUST be present at the meeting on Friday, 18 Jan. 
  • The event will be conducted on a Saturday in March. The exact date will be determined at the meeting.
  • We have tickets for up to 24 CSGSA members.
  • Additional costs of ~ $20 per student ( for paintballs at the venue ) will be covered by the CSGSA, pending approval at the meeting.
P.S. I've attached example image of the food that we would provide.
P.P.S. As you might also noticed on the very same day we would have people from the University of Calgary on campus, they would also provide food, so you can have both lunch and dinner for free this day.

Plans for Spring 2013

Everyone is welcome to dish out (write to me: evgeny_vinnik(at) proposals for the Spring 2013 semester:
1. What to buy.
2. Where to go.
3. What to do.

I still have to check on funds available but I am expecting we have at least $1000 to spend.

In addition we need volunteers for the following positions (people on this positions are about to graduate):
1. Treasurer
2. Secretary
Without these two positions our caucus won't be able to work normally, and it would be extremely hard to organize new events.