GSS Meeting - September 24 - Report


The first GSS Council meeting for the Fall semester was conducted on the 24th of September.  

Interesting points to note from the meeting were:

  1. There will be a joint GSS and TSSU Social on October 15 at the Sheeben Whisky House from 5-8PM. Food (and a drink for early birds) will be paid for by the GSS and TSSU for all graduate students. More details will be available soon.
  2. The Think Again! Conference abstract deadline is on the 1st of October. If you weren't planning on presenting a paper, please Think Again!
More details regarding the meeting are present in the attached PDF.
Download this file (Sept 24 2012 Council Update.pdf)Sept 24 2012 Council Update.pdf[ ]128 Kb

Announcement: CS GSA Meeting on September 26th, 2 pm , TASC1 9204

CS GSA will hold our first grand meeting of this semester
on September 26th
at TASC 9204
starting 2pm
We will provide food (pizza, sandwiches and drinks: juice, tea, coffee, cocoa)
Meeting would be apporximately 40 mins long, we need at least 10 people to pass our decisions.
We will decide how to spend our $2000 budget

Read more: Announcement: CS GSA Meeting on September 26th, 2 pm , TASC1 9204

I want you to spend $2000 of our budget!

Dear friend,

We have 1992.57 on our CS GSA account.
That's almost $2000! That WE, graduate students of the School of Computing science, can spend for anything!
What do I need from you?
1. Think about on which kind of student activity or utility item we can spend a portion of this money.
2. Make sure to plan everything ahead: possible budget, attendance, date (SFU grad society requires us to provide a date for an activity)
3. Be ready to organize the event: we will support you, but it is your responsibility to organize it once the decision is appoved.
4. Drop me a line, so I can at least plan our future meeting.
5. You have to come to the meeting - in your mail notify me when you are available: we will try to select the date that will be suitable for most of the students. I myself plan to organize it sometime during the lunch and provide food (pizza, sandwiches) and refreshments for the meeting.
6. Come to the meeting: we need at least 10 people to pass the decisions.
For beginning rules might seem strict, but it is related to the public money spending so we have to be strict.
If you have time, you can take a look on the minutes of our previous big CS GSA meeting, where we decided how ot spend money that we had at the beginning of previous semester (I belive we had about 1600) -
Last semester we wanted to do the following:
1. Two tea socials  for $60 - great success
2. CS GSA BBQ for $300 - super successful
3. Movie night for $150 - overwhelmingly popular
4. CS GSA travel grants: we allocated $600 for this, but failed miserably, because we did not had time to organize everything properly.
5. Rock climbing for $100 - failed to come up with the proper date for this event, but there is still hope to conduct this event someday in the future, however we have to vote for this again.
6. Biking event for $300 - Fail. We already came up with the date, but the timing was flawed and we had to cancel this event.
7. Buy kitchen supplies for $~30 - Success. We bought some dishsoap for our dining room.
So think about all these examples from the previous semester when planning a purchase.
Evgeny Vinnik,
CS GSA president

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Discover CPSC at the UofC


Discover CPSC at the U of C is a two-day workshop (Oct 19-20, 2012) for students interested in a graduate degree in Computer Science to see and experience our department's world-class facilities first-hand.

You will get a chance to meet with our faculty, graduate students, and actually see the department labs and facilities. You will hear about what graduate school is, the kind of research you can do at U of C, what our funding models are, and from our graduate students about what grad school is like. Most importantly, you'll get a chance to experience some of the best that Calgary has to offer!


Thursday, we will fly you out here. You will stay at Hotel Alma, our award-winning university hotel.
Friday, you spend the day with us at the Department, checking out the cool research.
Saturday, you hang out with the graduate students doing a cool activity like checking out Banff or Canada Olympic Park. Then, we fly you home.


To apply, just email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , subject: "Discover CPSC Application"

Include three things:
* Your resume/CV
* Unofficial college/university transcripts
* A short half-page to full-page statement about what your research interests are, or what courses were interesting during your undergrad. (If you've done research already, please let us know what that was!)


It's free! We'll spring for your flights, food and hotel costs!


* Application Deadline: Mon. Oct 1st, 23:59 Pacific
* Notification: Mon. Oct 8th
* Acceptance Confirmation: Wed. Oct 9th, 23:59 Pacific
* Flight to Calgary: Thur. Oct 18th
* Flight back home: Sat. Oct 20th


Mark Roth's magic bag of super helpful Tools!

CS GSA officially endorses the Mark Roth's Bag of Tools!
This is a unique even when our fellow student Mark Roth wiil showcase you several extremely helpful tools that would greatly simplify your life as a grad student and improve your karma!
When: September 10th , 3:30-4:30pm
Where: TASC1 9204E

Below are some of the tools that will be showcased. If you have a
favourite tool that you think is worth sharing, feel free to e-mail me
and we'll try to include it.
Organization / Time management:
- Rescue Time
- Org mode for emacs
Backup / Versioning:
- Dropbox (President's pick!)
- git / mercurial
- Latex
- latexdiff
Plots / Graphs
- R + ggplot2
- graphviz
- vim
- gprof2dot
- sublime