CS GSA minutes for August 14th 2012 meeting posted!

Better now than never, but I've posted the minutes from our last meeting of Summer 2012 semester, which happened on 14th of August 2012.

You can find them by following the link - http://csgsa.cs.sfu.ca/index.php/en/minutes/118-csgsa-minutes-for-august-14th-2012

Site mini-news

  • Switched on one column layout in the News and Events, Galleries and Minutes categories, cause layout was just going crazy with all this images and videos.
  • Added link on the New Grad FAQ compiled by Hoda Akbari

CS GSA Tea Social 2.0! Today! August 14th 3pm Tasc1 9204 east

This is an invitation to our CS GSA tea social event!
This is the second tea social of the Summer semester and it is going to be huge!
Date: August 14th, Tuesday - OMG! That's today
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Place: TASC1 9204 east
Main: semester ended!
We can discuss our plans for the future.
Featuring: oreo cookies and a new twist: instant coffee! Double twist: with milk! Triple combo: special dessert!
Picture: our dessert (fragment)
Music theme: Persian musicMy colleagues said it it something like this: http://youtu.be/5sXzMvU6_Ow
P.S. we will also have mini-meeting. (20 mins maximum)

BBQ report is online

Our vice-president and BBQ grand chef Tom Tornsey-Weir composed a report/guide on how to organize CS GSA BBQ.

This document is intended for the future generation of CS GSA members and contains invaluable information


CS GSA Bike Ride!

CSGSA will hold a biking/social event at Stanley Park on Saturday, August 4 from 3:30 p.m. 
Meeting place: 745 Denman Street, Vancouver
Directions to bike rentals