CS GSA Movie night July 19th 2012

On July 19th at IRMACS theater

Picture from IRMACS web-site. Not an actual movie night.

CS GSA organized "Movie night".

On a big screen

Picture from IRMACS web-site. Not an actual movie

we played movie "The Dark Knight"

For students we provided pizza and pop (on a budget of $150).

Event was a great success. More than 30 people show up.

CS GSA wants to say big thank you to event organizers Shehasish Kumar and Arun Bharadwaj.

Because we forget to make pictures of actual event, we opted to post pictures of Batman and pizza.

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SFU CS GSA BBQ Summer 2012 Recap

On July 18th our CS GSA organization held the annual BBQ for grad students of our department.

The event was a huge success with about 50 people attending, and enjoying the glorious hot dogs and burgers prepared by our chef Thomas Torsney-Weir and his cook-in-training Evgeny Vinnik + help of other grad students and our facilities department.

We shot on video every step, in order to preserve our experience for generations to come

The first video:


Head on to gallery to see the full documentary on Summer 2012 CS GSA BBQ

OMG SFU CSGSA BBQ FTW! July 18, 12-2:30pm

On Wednesday July 18 from 12-2:30 the CSGSA is holding it's annual BBQ!

It's a great opportunity to get out of the lab and hang out now that it's finally sunny here.

It'll be in the courtyard just north of ASB.

Evgeny has provided a helpful map of the location which I believe he got from a pirate.

bbq map

We will be providing beef and veggie burgers, chips, soda, etc. Feel free to bring your own dishes to share as well!

Minutes for meeting on July 11th 2012 are published

On July 11th 2012 we organized a tea social combined with a short meeting.

Published minutes for this meeting


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CS GSA News: about money and need for volunteers

Hello dear colleagues,

I have two important messages to tell you:

1. We need new people for TSSU steward positions. Our current stewards will soon leave SFU, and our Computing Science department can have up to 4 stewards.

TSSU steward is a paid position: $250 per semester for ~8-12 hours of work.

What does it mean to be a steward? Your main responsibility is to attend TSSU meetings (benefit: they always have free food there), which happen twice per month and about 2 hours long. Also you might be responsible to handle small tasks related to TSSU operations from time to time.

Our TSSU steward Tom Torsney-Weir thinks this is one of the best jobs in the world. I trust his opinion.


2. We need new person for CS Grad Buddy Coordinator. Our current Buddy Coordinator Tom Torsney -Weir wants to step down from this position.

Grad buddy is a volunteer position, but a very rewarding one.

I myself being an international student remember my excitement when I received a letter from Tom. I thought: this is it – I am accepted to SFU for real.

You should think about Grad Buddy Coordinator as of person who helps to create a strong bond between the generations of grad students.

It takes only about 4 hours or work per semester.


If you are interested in these positions or have any questions – please send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


P.S. In other news: our tea social is coming soon and TSSU strike vote today!