CSGSA Minutes for July 11th 2012

CSGSA Minutes for July 11th 2012 Computing Science Graduate Students Society(CSGSA) Meeting Minutes

Date : 11th July 2012

Location: TASC1 9204E




  1. Marjan Rochipour
  2. Parastoo Geranmayeh
  3. Arun Bharadwaj
  4. Ouldooz Baghban Karimi
  5. Snehasish Kumar
  6. Evgeny Vinnik
  7. Mohammad Hosseini
  8. Tayebeh Lotfi
  9. Yasaman Sefidgar
  10. Mhosen Jamali



  1. 1.    The meeting was called to order at 16:00 in TASC1 9204E
  2. 2.    Evgeny Vinnik  is appointed as the Chair
  3. 3.    Evgeny Vinnik  is appointed as Secretary



 4.    Approval of Agenda


Financial Motions

1.    Motion to reimburse expenses made by Evgeny Vinnik for organizing CS GSA meeting on May 23rd 2012

              Cost: $154.98

            Expenses: Pizzas, sandwiches, drinks

            Votes for: 10

            Votes against: 0

            Decision: Motion carries


2.    Motion to organize Movie Night on July 19th 2012

           Volunteer: Arun Bharadwaj

           Move: Snehasish Kumar

           Second: Evgeny Vinnik

           Vote for: 10

           Vote against: 0

           Cost: 60$

           Decision: Motion carries


The meeting is called adjourned at 16:20.